Monday, July 27, 2009

Day One (haiku)

This is my new blog.
Consider the ice broken.
Here is a story:
When I was a little kid, maybe six, I took a modern dance class.  At the end of the year, we had a performance for our parents.  It began with every child onstage, each covered with a long sheet. The idea was that we were to move beneath our sheets for a minute and then slowly emerge, finally throwing them down to the floor, revealing ourselves to the audience, and dancing on: free, free, free!  (This was the seventies.)
People, I never took off my sheet.  And I haven't changed all that much since then.  I've tried to figure out exactly what this blog will be, but the truth is that I don't know yet.



sophie blackall said...

Blogs are odd things to come to terms with aren't they? I'm always shocked when anyone actually reads mine but was so happy to see you there, and even happier to see your amazing book in print, and to be able to buy it for everyone I can think of. The reviews are unbelievable! Congratulations! Incidentally my word verification is "weldical". What on earth does that mean? x

Rebecca Stead said...

Sophie -- I'm always looking for deeper meaning with my word verification! Usually to no avail.
One thing I'm learning about a blog is that you have to pay attention to it. Which I will start doing -- NOW.

Honored to have you for my first-ever comment!

Gayley said...

The blogs I visit most are the ones that either have very interesting industry stuff that I never have the time to unearth myself. My pesky kids eat up my would-be web-surfing time. Or, the ones that tell interesting stories like your first one just did. My own is all over the place. I assume no one will read it, and, like Sophie, am shocked when people do. And if sometimes they have to read about my kids or my anger at Congress, or latest obsessions that have nothing to do with YA, so be it. They are very nice and generous, my readers. May yours be, too.

Kim Wheedleton said...

Fantastic story! Just the giggle I needed to get myself out of a slump.

Anonymous said...

Today is February 24, 2011, and I don't know, Rebecca, if you check your old comments from ancient blog posts (you probably don't), but this was a really great way to start your blog. It was so humble and short, but gave us a good glimpse of what you're like. It's so sweet.