Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New with me

Here's what's new with me:

My second novel, WHEN YOU REACH ME, was officially launched into the world on July 14th.  I forget which brilliant writer (anyone?) dubbed the pre-publication months the "season of nausea," but she really nailed it.  It's something like that moment on the rollercoaster when the safety bar locks down.  The ride is straight ahead, and there is no getting off.

This year's season of nausea has turned out to be the stuff of dreams. Better than my dreams, even.  Generous people have held the book up for all to see, reviews have been terrific, and there was one afternoon when I had my picture taken in a real photographer's studio downtown.  There was even one of those big fans.  Blowing. my. hair. around.

I am stunned by all of this.  Have you ever met a writer who just KNEW that many fine people were going to embrace her book?  Yeah, me neither.  It's just not the way the business works most of the time.  So I'm spending a lot of time feeling indescribably grateful to the many amazing people -- bloggers, reps, booksellers, librarians -- who did something extra to help get the book out into the world.  (I put indescribably in italics because I tried and failed to think of a better word.  I don't want you to think I just dropped it in there casually.)

I'm also remembering one night a couple of years ago when I tried to explain to a friend what this still-unwritten book was going to be about.  I didn't have it all figured out, so it was a choppy, stumbling explanation, but I know that I was excited to write it.  

I'm holding on to that memory, because I am getting up every day and hoping to capture that kind of excitement for the next book.  For me, this capturing-of-excitement is absolutely, positively the most difficult thing about writing.  Advice is always appreciated.


Amy B. said...

Hi Rebecca!
I just finished When You Reach Me and wanted to let you know how much I loved it. All of the fabulous elements aside, I think part of the enjoyment for me was that I was about Miranda's age in the 70s, when IBM Selectrics rocked rather than Macbooks or texting. :) Now, as a school librarian, I am just dying for September to roll around so I can recommend this book to some of my higher 4th and 5th grade readers. Thanks for a great book! And being first to post on your blog? Woot! What an honor! :)

Amy B. said...

First to comment on this post I meant to write... And will random house being coming out with a teacher's guide? Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, Random House.

Rebecca Stead said...

Thanks, Amy. I still remember when my mom got her IBM Selectric -- that magical backspace key with the "x" in it . . . no more sticking that little white paper in and retyping the letter to erase!

Barb said...

Just wanted to let you know that I ADORED this book! I found your blog looking for a picture to put up on mine to tell my students how much I love it!

Robyn said...


Things To Be Cherished: When You Reach Me

Thank you for giving me the indescribable that has allowed a corner of my veil to lift.

May Marcus lead you through all the next books to come. I can hear him whispering, "book, bag, pocket, shoe; let the excitement will capture you."

Cameron said...

hey rebecca my name is cameron and i loved the book when you reach me i think you should make a sequel to it also
well gotta go luv your work,
cameron .R.

Cameron said...

hey rebecca me again i could picture all your characters and settings too.....if it was a movie i would watch it but it wouldnt be as great as the book YOU RULE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this book. Im doing it for a book report and i have to make this huge story cube and explain it to my class. my teacher is going to love it