Friday, September 18, 2009

I wrote an article for TIME OUT NEW YORK KIDS about so-called tweens.  The gist of it is that while today's preteens have more purchasing/media influence than their predecessors did, they also have less independence, because the adults in their lives are trying (a little to hard) to keep them "safe".  You can read the article here.  

The wonderful Sara Zarr has posted a response to it here.

And in related news, here's some news about how kids REALLY get hurt on playground slides (with thanks to the excellent Lenore Skenazy at

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kathy d. said...

Hi Rebecca Stead,

Congratulations on winning the Newberry Award! That is a real honor.

I was looking at the NYT Arts section and your picture and name jumped out at me. I thought that I remembered your face and name and wracked my middle-aged brain.

Then I remembered working with (this must be true) your mom, Debbie Stead, at the NYCLU, where she would tell us hilarious stories about you.

And a few times you came to the office.

I hope your mom is doing well. And congratulations on your book, your having been a public defender, your children and your successful relationship.

Wishing you the absolute best,
Kathy Durkin