Sunday, November 1, 2009

National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel-writing Month.

A lot of folks over at are going to write novels this month -- WHOLE novels.  50,000 words.  175 pages.  I'm cheering for each and every one of them.

Writing a novel in a month is not something I can do.   But I'm going to take advantage of the lets-get-it-done writing karma in my own way.  I'm going to write (something) every single day in November.  

Now perhaps you are thinking, "Wha??  Don't you write every day anyway?  Isn't that kind of your whole JOB?"

The truth is that I don't write every day.  But this month, I'm going to try.  So if you see me somewhere, feel free to bug me about it.  Just don't ask me about my word count. 

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