Friday, January 29, 2010

Goodbye, New York.

Have I mentioned that I don't travel much? I don't.
But next week (actually, February 1st through Feb 10th) I will be on a real, old-fashioned book tour, visiting schools, bookstores, libraries, and readers of all ages in five great American cities.

Details about the public events are here. Please come if you can!

I'll miss you, man-who-yells-hallelujah-all-night-under-my-bedroom-window. I'll miss you, crumbly-broken-wall-in-the-bathroom-that-probably-will-never-get-fixed-because-there-is-a- big-leak-somewhere-and-nobody-can-find-it. I'll miss you, ipod-guy-who-leans-his-whole-six-foot-frame-against-the-subway-pole-so-that-nobody-else-can-hold-on.

I'll miss you, New York.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Stead, I just wanted to let you know I loved your book, When You Reach Me.

So I've told my siblings to get all their kids to read it and mentioned to my parents that it wouldn't hurt them to stretch their book reading a bit either.

Thanks again.

Jessica said...

Hi -
I really loved your book. I grew up on the Upper West Side (I'm now 39) and I lived there until a few years ago. You captured the way it used to be. Also, I just found the book's story so moving.
Congratulations on winning the Newbury, and on your upcoming tour!
Northampton, MA

Karen Reiber said...

Ms. Stead
Congratulations on winning the Newbery Medal! Looking foward to meeting you on Monday at Nagel Middle School in Cincinnati! I have a group of very excited kids waiting to have lunch with you (you might call it brunch--our lunches start at 10:00am)! I loved your book--great characters, great plot, awesome twists--it has great staying power! Karen :)

David W. said...

We are using your book for a read-aloud at Todd Elementary School in Briarcliff Manor, NY. My 4th graders love your book!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for coming to Cincinnati! You were great!

Anonymous said...

It was a three hour drive for my hubby -- it was worth it for him. Lights out made it even more memorable! Thanks for coming to the Buckeye State!

Janet S.
Mansfield OH

Shelli said...

have fun wish you were coming to atlanta.

id love to interview you for my marketing blog for authors.

Mike Lewis said...

I can't thank you enough for spending so much time answering questions. I could hear my kids quoting you from down the hall this morning.

We just kicked off our school read-a-thon and your event will, no doubt, leave a lasting impression.
It was a hoot to see 14 of your books out during independent reading time.

Ladies and gentlemen; if you have an opportunity to make it to a Rebecca Stead event, she may even be more engaging than her sensational writing. Many thanks to Wellesley Booksmith for putting the event together!

Many thanks!


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Greetings Rebecca,

How fun to find your blog! I met Wendy several years ago when she was here in North Dakota at an SCBWI conference. What an amazing person. I read about how she was with you during the announcement and smiled to imagine what that must have been like for both of you. Congratulations many times over on having reached your dreams -- and then some!

I'm reading "When You Reach Me" now and am really enjoying it. Safe travels and enjoy being a star with all those kids. :)

Fellow children's author and another R.S. - Roxane Salonen

BookChic said...

Hey Rebecca!

I couldn't find an email address on your website, so I'm just going to comment here. I just read your book this week and posted a review on my blog earlier today. I wanted to share the link with you: Hope you like it!

Congrats on the Newbery!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Eliana Waxman.
I loved your book. I was actually a girl in the audience at your first book tour at the university of chicago lab school. I love to write, too. I try to use some of different author's styles. One of them is yours. I actually write for the school newspaper (which I went straight to after your book talk). I say this in behalf of my class, but you inspired us to write. You are personally one of my favorite writers.

Glen Akin said...

Hi Rebecca,

I was wondering, why is When You Reach Me so scarce in the UK? I can't find it at Waterstones, isn't exactly selling it (the sellers that are selling it are in the U.S and are asking for a lot for importing), and we have no Borders here.

Is it not published in the UK?

maryjo said...

Hello Rebecca Stead,

Reading WHEN YOU REACH ME took me back to the Upper West Side - amazing that you were describing Madeleine L'Engle's neighborhood.

Your tribute to Madeleine is amazing and poignant.


I will be in touch with your agent to find out if you would like some photos of Madeleine and other information about 'Wrinkle'.

MaryJo Cally

Anonymous said...

Ms. Stead, I am a fifth grade student at Visitation Academy of St. Louis. Every month we do book reports. For my April report I chose your book, When You Reach Me.
I decided to do a game for my report. I had so much fun making the game. I would love to show it to you!