Monday, March 15, 2010

Pizza night

Made pizza last night with the cousins (my cousin, B., her husband (a chef), and their daughter, who has serious culinary skills).

This is my nine-year-old's pie (it's a face with horns).

I am inspired by people who cook.
I am inspired by the happiness food brings.
I'd like to cook more.


gailbones said...

Hi Ms. Stead,
I confess, this has nothing whatever to do with pizza or cooking. Which I don't have much time to do at present because I am completing my dissertation on Newbery fiction and character education. Your book was announced in time for me to include it in my qualitative analysis. Briefly, my team and I are coding the 21st century Newbery winners looking for examples of the character elements taught in the Six Pillars curriculum. I have been able to read interviews with the other authors who have talked about related topics, such as having a specific intent to instruct kids about virtue or character. Would you be open to me emailing you a few questions that I could include in my dissertation?
We loved your book by the way. It is the last one of the 11 we have been coding and we are having our final meeting tonight to discuss it. My email is

Donna Koppelman said...

Dear Ms. Stead,
I love your books (especially When You Reach Me), and LOVE your website. Would you mind disclosing the name of your site designer? Or was it your very own brilliant self? Thank you for your time.

Rebecca Stead said...

Hi Gail -- Interesting! Thanks so much for the kind words, and while I don't consciously set out to "instruct," please feel free to email me any questions you have.

Donna, my wonderful web designer is Denise Biondo. She is a hardworking genius, and you can find her at

Clifford said...

Good Morning Mrs. Stead,
Congratulations on receiving your Newberry Award. I am writing because my daughter was given First Light by her school librarian after hearing you speak at her school and she loved it so much that she asked me to read it and I loved it as well. She is in 5th grade and in a coed book group with other 5th graders from other schools on the UWS and UES and we were wondering if you would ever entertain the idea of coming to our book group. It is her turn to make a selection and she is planning to choose When You Reach Me. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!!

Rebecca Stead said...

Hi Clifford - Thanks for the extremely kind words! I'm thrilled that your daughter is going to introduce WHEN YOU REACH ME to her book club. I wish I could be there, but, in an ongoing effort to finish my work-in-progress and remain a halfway-decent mom, I'm not adding anything to the calendar these days. I really hope she understands, and I'd love to hear how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
You said to email, but this is the only address I have for you, so I will write my questions here:

1. Do you have an purpose other than simply entertaining your readers? Are you deliberate at all about helping children learn lessons about life through your stories?

2. The Six Pillars of Character I am using to code are Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, and Trustworthiness. We looked for opportunities presented by the books for students to explore these values. Which of these do you see as most predominant in your work?

3. Are you in favor of using children's literature to teach character education?

If you want to send answers to my email, please use
Thanks so much for helping me with my research. My team of readers loved your book!
Gail Bones( soon to be DR. Bones :)

Rebecca Stead said...

Hi again Gail -- check your email!


Anonymous said...

Pizza night sounds fun. I'm going to tell my mom and dad about that right now. Well, when my dad gets home from work.

Anonymous said...

hi i am a huge fan of when you reach me and i am really wondering if you are makeing a sequil? thank you for writing a this book its the one i read over and over. thanks again love your friend E

Ilaria said...

...we should meet!
Come to Italy, it would be nice to host you and have a nice chat with you.