Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's been happening:

1. I took a vacation with my family. Despite plane delays, it was a great vacation.

2. I wrote a speech. It's 99% done.

3. I've visited schools, celebrated friends' new books, written a lot of email, and filed my taxes.

4. I haven't been working on the new book. That's the plan for this week.


Glenda said...

Hi Rebecca,
I am a middle school English teacher and reading specialist at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, PA. I picked up your book at the ALAN Conference in Philadelphia, but I didn't get to hear you speak since I was on the Local Committee and was working at the table outside of the meeting room. The minute I finished reading, When You Reach Me, I recommended that my department add it to our curriculum, and we did. I noticed that you do author visits. Would you consider coming to our school in the fall? We'd love to have you. It would be a great experience for students and our teachers as well. Thank you for your consideration.
Glenda Daulerio

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty picture you posted Rebecca! Once again, I'm going to say that Rebecca is an awesome author and even in her blog she makes her words magical. They take you to a different world, even though they are simple and everyday words. Rebecca, keep writing that way.