Friday, October 22, 2010


I like to write on the subway. There's something wonderfully unpressured about sitting on the train, writing longhand. And, for me, being around a bunch of strangers who somehow don't feel like complete strangers is conducive to work.

Earlier today, on The New York Times website, I learned about a guy named Eric Molinsky who sketches people on the subway (on his iphone). He keeps a blog where he uploads his drawings, along with short notes about where he discovered his models.

It's fun to scroll through:


Anonymous said...

Cool! I just checked his blog, and he is an awesome artist!! and guess what, rebecca, i rented first light from the library!! yay!! now im finally going to be able to read it!!

Rebecca Stead said...

Dear Bookthirsty,

Great - hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

hello rebecca! i remember i read When You Reach Me and just to say... i loved peapeat enen louder LOVED!!!! it so so so so so so so so much. can you make a second When You Reach Me.
please love,