Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas present from my mom: Shrinky Dinks book covers.


Anonymous said...

So thoughtful!!

Anonymous said...

Finally! We're able to comment!! Whenever I would try, the links would disappear! but anyway, I agree with what the other anonymous said: that was such a thoughtful gift, and it must have taken alot of work!!

kerry said...

THAT IS SO COOL!!! I love your books!!! When Your Reach me is one of my favorite books ever! Im reading first light right now and LOVE it! The shrinky dinks are great, and are they necklaces? (I saw the string and was wondering)

kerry said...

Rebecca my teacher said you might write a sequel to when you reach me. Are you really? What will it be about?

Steven Cain said...

Cute Shrinky Dinks.

Although, I wanted to tell you that I just finished 'When I Reach You'... would have finished it sooner, but I leant it to the kids down the road the day it arrived. It's wonderful... in my top ten.

Congratulations on that gold sticker. I look forward to reading 'First Light' and what ever else is in the works.



Rebecca Stead said...

Kerry, I have no plans to write a sequel to When You Reach Me, but I am writing another book, which I hope will find its way to you.

And thank you, Steven, for the very kind words!!


. . . said...

Dear Rebecca Stead
Hi, I can not very well write to English,But I loved to tell you how much enjoyed reading your novel.
When You Reach Me has been translated into Persian.
I'm thirty years old, I live in Tehran (IRAN), But I feel that Miranda is a part of me, With this book I can better find yourself, and I can find new place in life.
Thank you

Margo said...

Hello! My name is Margo and I just finished your book today. I loved it....Please write a sequel!I need it to help explain it a little more.Your a great author and wish you luck!