Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain and snow

It rained all day here in New York City, washing everything clean.
Now that the snow is gone, I miss it.
From Paul Octavious:

Snow Hill from Paul Octavious on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful song! I'm sad when snow leaves, too. Except, this winter, we've had snow every week. Right in the Midwest! We should never have this much snow! And now, this week, it's been so warm! 50-70 degrees! But tomorrow it's gonna go back to the 30s and possibly more snow. I'm worried about the big thaw. Good thing we live in the suburbs, and the river miles away. But ANYWAY, that's just a beautiful song. It must have taken alot to compose that.

Ken Anderson said...

That sounds like Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown music in the background.

kerry said...

I miss the snow to. I honestly don't like the spring or fall that much because I can't sled or have snow ball fights or anything else you can do in the winter, and you can't go to a pool or the beach because it's not warm enough yet. Have you ever been to Breezy Point? Nothing is open in the winter because there's no one there anymore because it's at the beach. EVEN THE SUGAR BOWLS CLOSED!!!

Tioka said...

Now that reminds me of what a no-school-snow-day is supposed to be.