Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Speaking of London

When I was 8 years old, I went to London for a month with my dad, who enrolled me in a public school around the
corner from the apartment we stayed in. (In London, they say "state school" for what we call a public school. And what they call a "public school" is a fancy private school. When I was 8, this confused me.)

My third-grade teacher in New York, Ms. Rosenfeld, asked me to keep a diary while I was away. I liked Ms. Rosenfeld, but I did not want to write in a diary.

I did, though. Here is a picture of my London diary, along with a sample page. (While there may be such a thing as a "born writer," I am clearly not one of them.)


coe booth said...

Wow, is that adorable!

I do think you were trying to fill the page, though. I mean, was it really a long, long, long, long walk? :-)

Rebecca Stead said...

Ha! And where the heck were we going? I'll never know.

Steven Cain said...

That's funny. Could you have withheld any more information?

I love "...so we went somewhere else." Done and done. Kids.

Anonymous said...

That is SO cute! So straightforward and blunt. I like that.