Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Illustrator Yan Nascimbene

I love this piece of art. It was created by Yan Nascimbene, the cover artist for my new middle-grade novel, Liar & Spy (coming in August). I couldn't be happier.

(Just to be very clear, this is NOT the book cover illustration. It's from another book, called A DAY IN SEPTEMBER. But I hope to post the cover very soon. . .)


Anonymous said...

Your awesome

Venessa Ann Schwarz said...

Hi Rebecca. I'm new to your blog. Right now I,m in the middle of reading WHEN YOU REACH ME. Okay. I'm thinking. It's Marcus isn't it? He figured out time travel. To save her friend she must write this letter. You want us to think it's Sal. But it's not. It's Annemarie. She's sick. I don't know for sure. It's because Julia mentions how she shouldn't be eating "sandwiches and sodas." Well. That's my guess. I love the book. It's fun. I'm a children's magazine writer. But trying to become a middle-grade writer. Just got a rejection today from Harcourt. I wanted to cry. But I was eating soup at the time and didn't want to say, "I cried in my soup!" Well. Thank you for allowing me to express myself on your blog. Can't wait to finish your book!

marabo said...

Wonderful illustration! I see why you are so pleased. Also, I love the title! xo marian