Sunday, June 3, 2012

BEA Week

Lots of great book talk, lots of wonderful people converging on New York City.  My only complaint?
For some reason, BEA presents a challenge when it comes to finding information about what's going on.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but links have been hard to come by.  However, to the best of my linkage, here's where I'll be:

Monday June 4

Dayside, starting early: SLJ's DAY OF DIALOG

5-6pm: Great Panel at the New York Public Library

Wednesday, June 6

1:30: I'll be signing at BEA.  Booth 3940. Please come visit me! (The number "3940" is kind of easy to remember, if you think about it.)

2:30: Videotaped-interview-I-am-trying-not-to-think-about (only because of my Fear of Videotape, one of my top three silly fears.  As I told my fabulous publicist, if there are any snakes or clowns present, I am totally out of there.)  This isn't a public event - I'm just sharing.

3:30: I'll be participating in the Children's Author Tea with all kinds of fantastic people. (Note: this is a weak link - you have scroll down).

Thursday June 7th

Morning: Another videotaped interview I am trying not to think about! (See above).  Upside: this one takes place at 30 Rock.  It's theoretically possible that I will see Tina Fey in the elevator.

1:00 at BEA - this is very exciting!  I'm helping Roger Sutton announce
The 2012 Boston Globe/Horn Book Awards live at BEA!

And no, I can't find a decent link.  But I was truly thrilled to be asked.
(I have already had one anxiety dream about it. THAT'S HOW EXCITED I AM).

Friday June 8th

Not BEA-related but still important - Friday I am flying to Dallas for the BooksmART Book Festival on Saturday, June 9th.

In addition to all of this, this week I plan to: attend a couple of parties, see good friends, walk on the highline, go out to breakfast, sneak cups of coffee in dingy corners of Javits* with more friends, and watch a sea lion demonstration.  An unusually busy week. Especially for me.**

Hoping it doesn't pour.  Hoping it's not too hot.  Hoping there isn't a blackout. Hoping to see you.

* Javits is where I took the NYS Bar Exam in 1994.  Remind me to tell you the story about how I shot myself in the nose with my automatic umbrella just before it started.

**You know what this means . . . if your child is friends with my child, I will probably be hitting you up for help this week.