Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm tired already (but happy)

What happened when I went to the Texas Book Festival last year.
Teachers, I apologize in advance.
Son, you threw me under the train but I love you anyway.

I realize I'm a lightweight when it comes to tours, parties and wine, 
but this fall is looking busy, fun and busy. 

I'm hoping to see you some of you at some of these places. 
I've linked to event details where possible.

September 15
4:00-5:00 pm
with R. J. Palacio
DUMBO, Brooklyn
(Why am I going to DUMBO on a Saturday when Smorgasburg is there on Sunday? 
Bad planning. Please come anyway.)

September 18
Homecoming dance Launch Party (I might even make cookies)
at Littlefield, in Brooklyn
(Click here to buy tickets and support this new teen lit magazine)

September 30
Books of Wonder
With Avi, Shannon Hale, Richard Peck and Ann Martin (whoa)

October 12
Visits to San Francisco schools with John Stephens (don't know which ones yet), 
followed by  . . .

A NCIBA reception where I get to hang out with fabulous Northern Californian indie booksellers.

October 13
San Francisco's Literary Festival
A celebration of A Wrinkle in Time

October 14
Portland (my first time ever in Portland . . .)

October 15
Visits to Chicago schools (I'm 90 percent sure)

October 16
57th Street Books (I love this bookstore)
with Blue Balliett (I love this person).
link and details to come!

October 26
with the wonderful David Levithan
and this makes me so happy
Austin, Texas

October 27-28
Austin, TX

November 4
Symphony Space
New York City

November 10
Luncheon Speaker
Saratoga Springs, NY
(No, I am not going to just talk about lunch)

November 17-20
Las Vegas
(with so many good friends that I almost can't believe it)

November 29
Community Bookstore
with Helen Phillips, who is terrific
Brooklyn, NY


Steven Cain said...

Kids. Honesty is always the best policy... that is priceless.

Wow! What a schedule!

sonia said...

This is hilarious. As a mom I can relate.