Sunday, October 21, 2012

Send me more like this

There's nothing I love more than a gorgeous book club photo. Note the scrabble-tile welcome sign and the blue bowl full of fortunes. (If only I could read them.)

So grateful to these terrific kids for sharing this with me. Instant inspiration.

P.S. I went on a quick book tour (to San Francisco, Portland, and Chicago), and came home with a bad cold. Trying to drink vats of tea and sleep a lot until I head down to the Texas Book Festival in Austin on Friday. My boys are being extra nice and helpful, despite the fact that they are clearly grossed out by my cough.


Steven Cain said...

How awesome is that?! The picture... not your cold.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

pampooh said...

Wow, what an enthusiastic Book Club! As a former librarian (now retired), I really appreciate enthusiastic readers!!!