Sunday, January 20, 2013

Liar & Spy (renamed "Secrets and Lies") in Italian. Translated by Anna Becchi, published by Feltrinelli.

I usually object to covers with photographs of faces, but I really like this one. Maybe because the kid is half-hidden (and doesn't look Disney-perfect). I also love the brownstones in the background (er - the background of the foreground? the foreground of the background? the mid-ground?)

Sorry for the imperfect cover shot - took it with my phone.


Becky said...

I bought my eleven year old son Liar & Spy for Christmas. I've bought him many books that he never reads. I can never get him to happily read anything... until your book. Everyday he came home talking about it. He would only read it at school during reading time because he wanted it to last.

When he was near the end he told me he was happy and sad. He wanted to know what would happen but he didn't want it to be over.

The day he finished Liar & Spy he immediately went to the library at school and searched out your name hoping to find another book. He has, When You Reach Me. He should start this book tomorrow.

Thank you for writing a book that my son fell in love with. He has really struggled in reading and has never found in enjoyable before. I believe this will be the book he saves and shares with his kids some day as his childhood favorite.

Rebecca Stead said...

I can't thank you enough for this note, Becky.
It means . . . everything.