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Special thing!

Pre-order THE LIST OF THINGS THAT WILL NOT CHANGE and you will NOT ONLY get a personalized signed book, but said book will ALSO carry a crafty handmade bookmark made with a stamp that I carved out of an eraser last month. Yes, an eraser! Yes, last month!

And the bookmark stamp is . . . thematic. Check out the book's dedication. (Okay, you can't, because you don't have the book yet, and neither do I.)

To have these unbelievable goodies (to be clear, the goodies are: 1) your name, written down, 2) my signature, and 3) a paper bookmark), order a book here from the fantastic Oblong Books and Music in Rhinebeck and Millerton, New York.

I'm doing the actual signing and bookmarking at the end of March, so orders placed AFTER March will not be signed. This is a special pre-ordering thing. (Unless you can wait to get your book until after I get back from Italy in April. I'm going to the Bologna Book Fair. First time!).

But, you may be asking yourself, do I ac…
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The List of Things that Will Not Change

New book in April 2020!

It's called The List of Things That Will Not Change.

Cover by the incredibly wonderful Chris Silas Neal:

I was lucky enough to attend a few regional independent-bookseller gatherings this fall. Spending some time with passionate booksellers means a whole lot, and always makes me feel connected to the world of books in a special way.

I'll be at ALA midwinter and Winter Institute, kind of unofficially (meaning I'm pretty sure that I have no actual events at either one, but will be at publisher gatherings). I'm also really excited to share some time with public librarians and Texas librarians at PLA (Nashville) and TLA (Houston) in 2020.

Happy holidays, happy new year, and wishing you some light in the form of friends, family and books. xoxo.


It's been a summer of revision, friends and family, and no social media.
I've read (and re-read) a bunch of books.
I have been mostly disappointed by peaches but mostly happy with blueberries.


BOB is almost here! Wendy and I will be visiting lots of kids in Boston, Philadelphia and D.C. schools (and also hanging out with some of their teachers after school).

Here are a few public events (above), and, below, a few lovely, publisher-designed review excerpts.

I'd really love to see you at our launch (at Books Are Magic) or on the road.

Introducing . . . BOB

It's only two months until Bob joins the rest of us in the real world. This is a project I've been working on (very slowly) with my friend Wendy Mass for years and years.

Nicholas Gannon is illustrating!

The wonderful Junior Library Guild just picked it for this year! I am always honored when that happens.

I'll post more information and the tour schedule here soon.

Meanwhile, cover art! (I am not adept at things like cropping. Help?)

Okay, another attempt:

Still working.

Writing a book takes me a long time. There are ALWAYS times when it feels too hard, too unimportant, too lonely. My process seems to be: take a few steps in the dark, fall, lie there, eventually get up, take a few more steps. Slowly, the landscape of the story becomes easier to see, almost knowable. There is a feeling of recognition that creeps in - scenes and notes are coalescing into . . . something.

I once took a writing workshop with Dani Shapiro where she said that, often, we just have to allow structure to emerge from the fog. I have mostly found that there's no other way.

In other news, I may soon have OTHER NEWS.

Happy New Year.

(And yes, I know it's February.)