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I hope everyone reading this is safe, that your loved ones are healthy, and that you are staying home (and reading).

If you want to order signed books, you may do so at Oblong Books and Music, in New York. They are shipping promptly and, like every independent store out there, could use our support. 

LINK TO BUY at Oblong Books. 🌙🌙

Meanwhile, I'm planning a few virtual events with independent bookstores in April. As new events are added, I will try to update here and also post on Twitter and Instagram (I'm @rebstead in both places).

So far, we've got this:

April 29, 7pm
A virtual visit with
RJ Julia Independent Booksellers
Register here 

Hoping to see you in the ether. 



SSG Academics said…
Hi Rebecca,
1st time on your site. I didn't think it was possible to love one of your novels more than When You Reach me...but, The List of Things That Will Not Change became my favorite YA for 2020! In fact, I was on a Zoom Back To School night for my 12 y.o., parents only with the teacher, and we were asked to show a few things that have kept us comfort during COVID...I brought out your book and my sons teacher started to squeal as she loved it too. So, while other parents displayed bottles of whisky or their binge show, I had your hardback.
Rebecca Stead said…

!! Thank you, Shauna! This means so much.
Unknown said…
I absolutely love your book "When You Reach Me"! I have read it aloud to my students for the last 9 years. Every year we notice something new and my students add many new insights and have amazing conversations. This year, two students blew my mind! They were just talking the week before spring break about writing a companion story. We finished "When You Reach Me" weeks ago, but they were still talking about it. They want to write a companion story titled “When I Reach You” and tell the story from the Laughing Man’s perspective, sharing his adventures. Brilliant, right?! I couldn't wait to share this with you. Thanks for sharing your creativity and wonderful stories with us and inspiring my young readers and writers.
Unknown said…
By the way, the "Unknown" comment above is from Mrs. Cousino's class in Granville, Ohio.